The Abundantly Green Vancouver Society was catalyzed by Delvin and Kym's permaculture design certificate course. (The next one starts in the fall of 2018 in Burnaby, BC.) Inspired by the possibilities of productive & self-sustaining plant guilds, two of their students, Erika & Jeff, decide to collaborate on a gardening project. They met at Eternal Abundance in the fall of 2017 with the intention of starting a small perennial garden. They left, tummies filled, talking of a Vancouver abundant with growing food, available to everyone! Food Forests in every park, lawns transformed into flowery veggie gardens, neighborhood market gardens, restaurants growing a plethora of food on site, raising plant literacy, and feeding a hungry city from its own green spaces. it was no longer a project; it was a mission. it would take Planning, organizing, man hours and money to create this change. Something bigger than two permaculture students, like an organization, would be needed to coalesce this vision into a functioning cultural shift.  And the seeds of the Abundantly Green Vancouver Society began to germinate.
By that December, the not-for-profit organization had been created, incorporated, and the first official meeting was held. The initial wave of abundance came in the form of ideas and possibilities! They mapped out yards, did some sheet-mulching, arranged a mycelium-talk/trash-pickup event, plotted various social enterprises, took aim at big projects, but eventually circum to the gravity of such grand intentions. It was winter anyways; time to reflect. The soils were enriched and permaculture principles were applied
An emerging design came forth rooted in permaculture values, sociocracy, and growing an abuntant future. It was decided that organizing would be more efficient if meetings were decentralized through a digital platform. This website was launched on the 7th of July 2018, and its initial purpose is to utilize the forum to plan the rest of the website, organize workshops and projects, and take the first steps to make Vancouver a more fruitful city.
The second phase of this website may include a calendar for local events, news, permaculture related articles, a place for your projects & idea, and a database full of permaculture designers in the area which the public can go to for transforming their green spaces into productive, ecological gardens.
For phase 3, we hope to establish a line of ecologically friendly products for the ethically-minded consumer desiring a sustainable. All the proceeds from this online store will go to fulfilling Abundantly Greens mission:
- Growing ecologically sustainable food systems in Vancouver BC.
- Feeding people while empower communities to feed themselves,
- Teaching others to create sustainable food systems,
- Creating and encouraging green jobs that empower individuals,
- Working with government and organizations to achieve Vancouver's greenest city goals,
- Being compassionate, positive, and respectful in all our dealings with other people.